Maurice Kirya, the singer, has introduced an exclusive fan club requiring an annual subscription fee of Ugx 250K.

Singer Maurice Kirya recently announced the inauguration of his fan club, requiring an annual fee of Ugx 250,000. In a recent social media post, Kirya expressed his enthusiasm for this initiative, emphasizing the value he places on his dedicated fan base.

Acknowledging the high costs associated with his shows, Kirya aims to provide a more affordable and enjoyable experience for his passionate supporters, anticipating that other Ugandan artists may adopt similar approaches.

Kirya and his team have introduced an annual loyalty program and members club, accessible through a Ugx 250,000 yearly subscription fee. Club members will enjoy VIP treatment at all Maurice Kirya concerts, gaining access to front-row seats and priority entry.

Membership also comes with exclusive updates and complimentary entry to specific public events in collaboration with Maurice Kirya or Piz & Pots. Furthermore, a portion of the proceeds will be allocated to charitable organizations supported by Kirya over the years.

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