Blankets and Wine festival in Kampala

Despite Konshens’ lively performance at Lugogo Cricket Oval, the organization of Blankets And Wine left many netizens with mixed feelings.

Yesterday, Konshens took the stage for the fourth time in Kampala at the 2023 edition of the Blankets And Wine festival, performing in front of a massive crowd.

As early as 4 pm, attendees began streaming into the venue, and the lines at the Oval’s entrance extended onto the Lugogo Bypass road. The Shs150k ticket price reflected the high anticipation among revelers to witness the Jamaican singer’s performance, and they braved the soggy grounds for the experience.

Various entertainers, including Elijah Kitaka, Kivumbi King, Kampire, Cee, Likkle Bangi, Etania, Viana Indi, Jokwiz, and Fem Deejay, among others, worked hard to energize the crowd early on.

When Konshens finally took the stage, the atmosphere was electric, and he energetically performed some of his popular songs alongside his dancer and Uganda’s Ritah Dancehall.

While many revelers considered it the best edition of Blankets And Wine, others had complaints, starting with the congestion. The event, which has historically drawn a good turnout, was more crowded than ever before, surprising some attendees who were not prepared for such an experience.

Several netizens via X also voiced concerns about sound glitches that interrupted some performers’ sets, particularly criticizing Etania, who has faced heavy online criticism.

Other grievances centered around the elevated prices of food and drinks at the event, which revelers deemed exploitative.

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